Restaurant Surprises Diners With $5,182 Worth of Comped Meals

February 13, 2015 | Eater National

It was to celebrate the restaurants one-year anniversary.
Guests who dined at Detroit restaurant/stone cold stunner Bistro 82 received quite the surprise on their checks Wednesday night. According to Eater Detroit, the bills diners received totaled out to zero: Owner Aaron F. Belen decided to comp every diner's meal that night in secret celebration of the restaurant's one-year anniversary.

Belen tells USA Today that picking up the $5.182.19 tab was his way of "saying thank you to the people who've been loyal supporters." Belen took his generosity one step further and donated an matching sum of $5,182.19 to the Royal Oak Boys & Girls Club. A spokesperson for the restaurant adds that all the guests were surprised, and some of the diners "almost didn't believe it."

Restaurants have been known to thank customers on their receipts. Last year news broke that a restaurant in Calgary, Canada offered families a $5 dollar discount for their "well behaved kids." Another restaurant in Washington gave a woman a $4 discount for her children's stellar behavior as well.

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