Your New Happy Hour Haven

October 2, 2014 | Chick In the Mitt

When I sat down to write this post I truly didn’t know where to begin. No – not because I had writers block (which is usually the case) but because Bistro 82 has TOO MANY impressive aspects of their restaurant to cover in one article – which for Bistro 82 is a great problem to have.

I could go on and on about their formal dining area with the amazing wine cellar and gorgeous modern decor. Or we could talk about the swanky night club upstairs with the attached roof-top patio and DJ booth that sits on a 10,000 gallon tank filled with tropical fish. But that will have to be saved for another post (which I solemnly swear to write) because today we will focus on my favorite time of day….happy hour.
The view of downtown Royal Oak from Bistro 83.

The view of downtown Royal Oak from Bistro 83.


Bistro 82 is located at 401 S Lafayette Ave., Royal Oak, MI 48067. It is right on the corner of 4th and Lafayette St. so it’s very easy to spot this modern, sleek building. There is metered street parking surrounding the restaurant and the South Lafayette Parking Garage is less than a block away.


Their happy hour pricing and options are so amazing we just had to include the menu…

Here is what Court and I tried….the french bread pizza, sliders, oysters, salmon tartar, french onion soup dumplings, parmesan pomme fries, wagyu steak sliders and the brandade croquettes.

Basically the left side of the happy hour menu.
Whoever created french onion soup dumplings needs a gold star.

Whoever created french onion soup dumplings needs a gold star.

Yep that’s right…we ate all of those items. In one sitting. And guess what? They were all fab. LIke so good we couldn’t stop eating good. Besides the fact that these dishes were uniquely yummy – did you see the prices? Things can’t get any better at Bistro 82….


…Except when you stop chowing and take a gander around the place. In order to participate in the happy hour festivities you have to sit in the beautifully decorated bar area; complete with an onyx bar and windows from floor to ceiling. Then you must browse through their iPad menu and then place your order with the friendly, knowledgable servers. Sounds like the best night ever? Well it is. Go there now and delight your senses at our new happy hour haven.

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