Fall Old Fashioned

November, 2014 | Hour Detroit

Fall Old Fashioned
"We take 4 liters of Bulleit and pour them out into a clean container,” says beverage director and assistant general manager Matthew Hollander. “We then add 16 cinnamon sticks, three whole star anise, and five oranges that have been peeled and sliced. We let this sit for about a week until tasting to determine whether or not we are satisfied.” “The color, flavor profile, and slight bit of spice make you think of fall,” Hollander says. “ Our goal was to create a drink that is well balanced, not too complex, and that tastes great. Plus, chef loves it and that’s always important!”

2 ounces infused Bulleit bourbon*
1 demerara sugar cube
1 Luxardo maraschino cherry
4 dashes Angostura bitters
1 burnt orange peel
1 ice sphere (Ice molds are easily found
online and not expensive; Tovolo is a solid
brand and should be great for home use.)

Place raw sugar in pint glass and submerge with Angostura bitters. Add cherry and muddle all ingredients. Add two ounces of infused bourbon and ice and stir (25-30 rotations). Strain into rocks glass over ice sphere. Garnish with burnt orange peel. bistro82.com

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