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Video Games have become available on several platforms now. From PC to mobile, to consoles, there is no dearth of platforms to play on or video games to play on them.

However, there are some games that are only available on particular platforms which you wish you could play on others. While this was not really possible up until a few years ago, with apps such as BlueStacks now available, it is incredibly easy to play Android games on PC.

In this article, we list out the top Android games that are a must-play on PC. Among Us , a release by Innersloth, has lately exploded in popularity amid the pandemic and the resulting lockdowns. The fact that Among Us is a social deduction game that requires at least four people to play made it extremely popular in recent years. At a period when it was hard for individuals to leave their houses and there was no other source of social connection, games like Among Us gave people a delightful opportunity to engage with their loved ones while also passing the time.

As previously stated, Among Us is a multiplayer game that requires at least four people to play and may support up to fifteen players known as crewmembers in the game.

Imposters may induce problems in the spacecraft, such as power outages that force lights to turn off and automated doors to close, trapping certain crew members in places with imposters, giving the latter the perfect chance to kill the former.

This cool-down interval allows crew members to evacuate in time while also preventing the impostor from gaining too much strength. When another crew member discovers a dead corpse, they can convene an emergency meeting in which all members of the team, including the imposters, can indict one person as the impostor. When the crew members have finished debating and deciding who the impostor is and who killed the crew member whose corpse was discovered, the subject is taken to a vote, and the crew members must select whether or not to boot out one person who they believe is the imposter.

Abstaining from voting is also an option for crew members. If a majority of the crew decides that someone is an imposter, that individual will be fired from the ship, and the game will tell you whether they were an impostor or not.

Completing the duties assigned to the crew members at the start of the battle is another method the crew members can use to defeat the impostor. Body scans, turning off and on switches, and other little tasks are among them. Apart from the impostor, every crew member is given such chores, and if all of the jobs are done before the imposter can murder the majority of the crew members, the crew members win the battle automatically.

Users can play on numerous maps in the game, each with a unique layout and set of conditions to which players must adapt. Before entering a match, users can also personalize their characters in the lobby. Some of the extra material is chargeable and must be purchased in-game.

With over one hundred million downloads, Among Us is rated 3. Next on our list is Crossy Road , which is based on the hugely popular arcade game Frogger. You play as a character a chicken by default who must avoid obstacles for as long as feasible. In contrast to Frogger, Crossy Road has no end and can continue endlessly as long as the player avoids obstacles.

The controls are, likewise, simple: a single press on the top or bottom of the screen moves you up or down, and a swipe left or right moves you in either direction. Autos, rivers, and railroad tracks are among the hazards that the player must overcome. You can be taken by a bald eagle and the game will end if you take too long to reposition your character. There are a variety of characters to meet and interact with within this game, ranging from the Chicken to the Android Logo.

There are around characters that can be unlocked with in-game currency, with another 12 characters that can only be unlocked using green tokens earned by watching advertisements or obtaining high scores on the scoreboard.

Its visuals and musical effects transport you back to the golden age of arcade gaming, which explains why it has amassed over 50 million downloads in less than three months since its initial release. Crossy Road also has a local multiplayer mode, which allows up to four people to play the game simultaneously. While the objective of the game remains the same—to achieve the highest possible score—you will now be able to play with your friends.

Because the game only ends when all four players have perished. The game also offers a split-screen multiplayer mode, which allows two players to play the game on the same device.

With over one hundred million downloads, Crossy Road is rated 4. For a long time, Nintendo has been a major player in the mobile gaming industry, relying on the popularity of titles like the Super Mario franchise. The game is set in a world where the countries of Askr and Embla are at odds, and the protagonist leads the Kingdom of Askr and its heroes against the Kingdom of Embla. The player may summon characters from other worlds to battle alongside them in the game, and these other worlds are all the settings of previous Fire Emblem games, therefore all of the fan-favorite characters from previous Fire Emblem games can be employed in this one.

The gameplay is straightforward, consisting of turn-based combat with a focus on placement and strategy. The characters in this game are divided into many classes and categories, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, including variances in how far they can travel on the grid and which tiles they may go to. Cavalry troops, for example, can go further than armored units, but they are not permitted to enter forest tiles, whereas armored units can. Flying units may penetrate practically any tile, including ones that are immune to other units, such as mountains or water.

In this game, your character will be subjected to both physical and magical harm. The tale of the game is broken into chapters, with numerous maps and opponent teams of varied sizes to contend with.

A training tower is also included in the game, which may be utilized to improve the strength of your heroes through random combat. In the Arena component of the game, you may combat AI-controlled teams of other real-life gamers. While it is possible, unlocking high-level characters using orbs collected during combat is incredibly time and energy-intensive. However, this may be avoided with in-app purchases.

Real money may be used to purchase orbs, which can then be used to unlock high-level characters, which enhance your team and help you win more matches.

The in-game visuals are fantastic, and the fighting and animations are very seamless. With over five million downloads, Fire Emblem Heroes is rated 4. Call of Duty: Mobile is a console-style HD game with intuitive and adjustable controls. Classic maps such as Raid, Shipment, and Standoff, which have all appeared in prior Call of Duty games, are included in the game.

Users can acquire and access guns, outfits, operators, scorestreaks, and gear components as they move through the game, allowing them to quickly personalize their loadouts and play the way they want.

You can choose to engage in competitive or social play, play in competitive rank mode, or join a team in which you can interact and play with other users from around the world. COD points must be purchased with real money, and credits are gained as you play through the game. COD points are used to get access to special upgrades. You can play in a two-person squad or a four-person team in the Battle Royale mode. At the start of the game, each player is given the choice of selecting an ability, and each team is assigned a jump leader who is in charge of picking where the team will land on the battlefield.

Up to individuals can participate in the Battle Royale mode. In , the game received an Undead mode, which requires players to gather supplies for survival while battling off hordes of zombies.

You can also play Call of Duty: Mobile on your PC to enjoy it even more since it provides a diverse range of experiences without requiring a large financial investment.

With over one hundred million downloads, Call of Duty: Mobile is rated 4. One of the main reasons why the game has become so famous is because of how beautiful it is to look at. Genshin Impact takes place in the fictional world of Teyvat. Teyvat is home to seven different nations, each of which is ruled by a God and is linked to a specific element, such as water, fire, or air.

The plot centers on a pair of twins who are in a hurry to leave Teyvat after learning that one of the seven nations is under attack and about to be destroyed. However, they are challenged by a God on their way out, who separates the twins, taking one with them and shutting the other away. Five hundred years into the future, the sealed twin, controlled by the user, awakens and starts out on a quest to reunite with their separated twin.

This mission will take them across Teyvat. They meet and fight a variety of opponents, make new friends, unlock playable characters, and face a variety of bosses. The game is quite simple to learn and play. Running, swimming, climbing, and gliding are the basic controls.

All of these moves, however, necessitate stamina, which is limited at the start of the game, but which you may improve as you play and increase your overall stamina. As previously stated, as the game advances, the player unlocks a variety of playable characters.

You can swap between these characters at any moment, but you can only have four characters equipped at a time. When fighting foes and bosses, switching between characters is particularly important since you can send in a different character who is fully charged with their special ability after your current player is tired, causing massive damage to your opponents.

Aside from the main storyline and exploring the game on your own, there are other tasks scattered around the area that you can complete. Completing these tasks not only improves your rating but also grants you various goodies that will come in handy during your main quest. Additionally, you can play Genshin Impact in multiplayer mode, which allows you to connect with up to three additional players who share your current objectives.

With over fifty million downloads, Genshin Impact is rated 4. Sky: Children of the Light is an adventure role-playing game from thatgamecompany. Sky was first released as a mobile game in , but due to the positive reception it received, the game was relaunched in with a console option and is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

This is fortunate, because a game like Sky, with its beautiful graphics and simple gameplay, is best enjoyed with a controller or on a PC.

Sky is a game set in a beautiful kingdom and it entails going to different landscapes in order to meet spirits and the Children of the Light. The former assists you in customizing your appearance by providing capes, haircuts, and accessories in exchange for in-game currency, while the latter assists you in improving your flying skill as you go.

The more of these gifts you have, the further you can progress in the kingdom. Sky is a simple game with tranquil visuals and an artistically attractive background, with no cutthroat fights or tactical play. It is an extremely relaxing game that you can load up after a long day when you just want to relax and enjoy playing a soothing video game.

In some aspects, Sky is similar to Journey, in that the players glide across the kingdom in a pleasant fashion. However, Sky is significantly broader and includes a fantastic multiplayer strategy. Sky leverages a charming growth of friendship and interaction between players to hook you — and it works; your buddies join you on your voyage of discovery. When you come across the dangling spirits, your main goal is to set them free, which is a relaxing experience.

The game has a powerful element that keeps the player emotionally committed. Sky: Children Of The Light is an appealing game that blends both adventure and interaction to create the ideal voyage. It features great visuals and a beautiful soundtrack.

It also contains beautiful lens flare effects to enhance the visual attractiveness, and you may modify the visual resolution to your liking. To keep things interesting, the game introduces new seasons on a regular basis.



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Mar 14,  · If you specifically want to play Android games on your computer, consider installing BlueStacks X instead. This version of the program is a cloud-based solution that allows you to stream games. May 23,  · 1. YouWave Emulator. YouWave is an action-packed emulator that allows you to play Android games on PC easily. Both Mac and Windows users can install this emulator and enjoy fascinating games. On top of that, YouWave works pretty similar to BlueStacks, making this emulator relevant. Jun 14,  · It equips a self-developed AOW Game Engine that can offer high gaming performance. You can download a variety of popular mobiles games on PC with this Windows Android emulator, including Call of Duty, Pokemon UNITE, League of Legends, Minecraft, and more. MEmu. This best free Android emulator for PC lets you access and play any Android .


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