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How do I reset another user’s password on Windows 10? – Super User

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Adding a password to windows 10 activator.txt free user account is an obvious way to increase security and keep your data a little bit safer.

You can either setup a password when creating the account or later on when you feel the need to. From then on the password will be required to logon and by other users for elevated privileges if you are an administrator. There are also other ways to change the password within Windows but you still need to know the current password before using most of them. Something like Kon-Boot can bypass the password completely during logon while a utility like Offline Windows Password Windows 10 change another users password free can clear the password.

These methods below will work on local user accounts for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8. Chagne change the password on the mail account, you would usere to go through the online forgotten password process. Note: Cree most of these methods you will need to know the password or be able to logon to at least one administrator account on the system in order to make password changes. Use a third party password reset disk or the Command Prompt logon trick which is the final method on our list.

An easy way to alter the user password is by running a small and simple tool that does it for you in a couple of clicks. Here are 2 portable programs windows 10 change another users password free you to look at. As you can probably tell by the name, this password changer has been around for years and was originally designed to change the passwords psssword Windows XP. As the method to change user passwords is the same now as it was then, this tool works also perfectly fine in Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.

XP Password Manager works for the currently logged psssword user account only which does limit its usage somewhat.

Enter a new password microsoft office 2010 end of life free the box if you are creating one and press the OK button. The option to hide typed passwords is windows 10 change another users password free if you wish to keep anyone from seeing what you are typing.

Download XP Password Manager. User Account Password Changer has a couple of advantages apart from a more up to date interface and UI text. Firstly, this tool also works on other local admin or user accounts which you can select from a drop down list.

Secondly, there is an option to create a random 8 character password if you believe another user is likely to know or guess a manual windowws. Run the frfe with administrator privileges, select the user from the drop down then choose to set wijdows new or blank password. Enter qindows new password in the box or leave it empty windows 10 change another users password free erase the current password. Alternatively, jsers the random box to create a random 8 character password which uses a combination of uppercase, lowercase, and special characters.

Use the hide checkbox anotheer no-one can see frre you are typing. Press Change to commit the changes to the account password. Note: Be winrows that these tools can produce false positives in antivirus software and online scanners because they are trying to change user passwords. That is obviously classed as malicious activity but is in fact what you are intentionally trying to do.

Other than using the tools above to change a user account password, it is surprisingly easy to do it directly from Windows through Computer Management. Open Computer Management, you can do this several ways. There you will see the list of users including the built in Administrator and Guest accounts. Right click on the user account for the password you want to change and select Set Password. Take note of the warning popup and click Proceed when you are happy chnage continue.

Then enter the new password twice in the boxes and click OK to save the changes. Leave the boxes empty and press OK to remove the current password. Although this is a standard Windows interface you windows 10 change another users password free not asked to supply the current password before clearing or changing.

You do need administrator privileges to use this option if you are a standard user although administrators will not be prompted, even if User Account Control UAC is enabled. This method is more suited to advanced users and can be used in scripts and batch files. It is also the method used in the background by the two utilities above for changing the password. The password can actually be changed a few ways.

Type one of the following commands into the prompt and press Enter. This will simply anothdr the password for the username you specify using the password you isers. For example, net user raymondcc Make sure to put the username or password in quotes if either contains spaces. Using an asterisk instead of a password will ask you to type the password into the console once and then again to confirm.

You will not see any characters being typed while entering the password. Qnother double quotes as the password will remove the password from the account completely so you can logon frer ask for windoqs access without chagne anything. This is obviously less winxows. This last command will create an 8 character random password for you and display it in the console window.

The new password will be a mixture of uppercase, lowercase and special characters so make sure you memorize or note it down exactly as shown. If you receive an access denied error while using the net command it means you are not running the Command Prompt or any script as administrator. First, you passworc need to boot your system to a media that can copy a few Windows files around. You need to find the drive letter for your Windows system which will likely be D:.

If not try Dir C:, Dir E: and so on until you find the correct drive letter. Type the following commands one after the other, change the drive letter to the correct one you found chwnge if yours is not D:.

Enter one of the net user windows 10 change another users password free listed above to change the password. This command will clear the password completely:. Now all you have to do is windows 10 change another users password free in the password box, optionally type passwrod new password if you created one and press Enter to log in. This last step is snother but recommended if other users have access windows 10 change another users password free the computer. Type the following using the same drive letter you found in step That restores the original Sethc executable so no-one passwofd can cause problems by bringing up a Command Prompt during logon.

This trick has been around for ages and works because Windows uses accessibility features at the logon screen. If you replace the accessibility shortcut keys launcher Sethc. Windows 10 change another users password free Note: Do be aware that changing the password using one of these methods should be a last resort.

Forcing a password change in this way will render encrypted data like emails, files and internet passwords unreadable because they will now be protected by the wrong password. To try and preserve that windows 10 change another users password free of data, something like an account password cracker might be a better option first.

Hello there, i forgot my Windows 10 administrator password, i passaord remember the pin thus am able to use my PC.

Any specific methods for windows 10 please. My email will be provided if requested. Have a read of this article: raymond. Hey Raymond, let me hope that you are doing great. I just want you to help me on how i can get access to log into administrator account on the computer at the university.

I also want you to help me on how ссылка на подробности can set my computer to ask for a password whenever someone puts in a flash drive or an external disk.

I will be very happy if my questions are answered. Have a nice time. Yep, the software is useful. Now the other option to go to Administrative tools is not possible on Home Version. Tx for the tips!! HAL Author 2 years ago. Sadiq 6 windows 10 change another users password free ago. HAL Author 6 years ago. Adoniya 3 years ago. Latif Mosh 7 years ago.

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Windows 10 change another users password free. How to Change Another User’s Password in Windows 10


There are plenty of ways to find lost Windows passwords , but an easy method, assuming there’s more than one user on the computer, is to change the password from within another account. Follow these steps to change another user’s password in Windows 11, 10, or 8. Your Windows account must be configured as an administrator if you want to change another user’s password.

If not, you may need to reset your Windows password. Open the Control Panel. On touch interfaces, the easiest method in Windows 11, 10, or 8 is through its link on the Start menu or Apps screen in Windows 8 , but the control command or Power User Menu Windows 8 is probably faster if you have a keyboard or mouse. If the View by setting is on Large icons or Small icons , then you won’t see this link.

Choose User Accounts instead and skip to Step 4. Select User Accounts. Several links down, select Manage another account. Select the user you want to change the password for.

If you don’t see Password protected listed somewhere under the username, then that user doesn’t have a password set up and should be able to log in without entering anything in the password field. Choose Change the password. Don’t see a Change the password link?

This probably means that the user you want to change the password for logs into Windows with a Microsoft account , not a typical local account. It’s even easier to reset a Microsoft account password. On the Change [username]’s password screen, enter a new password in both the first and second text boxes.

In the last text box, you’re asked to type a password hint. This step is not required. Since you’re probably changing this person’s password for them because they’ve forgotten it, it’s fine if you want to skip the hint.

After the person regains access to their account, have them change the password in Windows to something more private and set up a hint then. Select Change password to save the password change. Sign out, or restart the computer , and have the person you reset the password for try logging in again.

Once signed on, be proactive and have the user create a Windows password reset disk or switch to a Microsoft account, either of which will provide an easier way to get a new password in the future. When you change a Windows password from outside the account, the user you’re changing the password for will lose all access to EFS-encrypted files, personal certificates, and any stored passwords like those for network resources and website passwords.

However, most users don’t have EFS-encrypted files and the loss of stored passwords probably isn’t a big deal. Click Start and then Control Panel. If you’re viewing the Large icons or Small icons view of Control Panel in Windows 7, you won’t see this link.

Instead, click on the User Accounts icon and skip to Step 4. Click the User Accounts link. Toward the bottom of the Make changes to your user account area of the User Accounts window, select Manage another account. Select the account that you want to change the password for. If the words Password protected are not listed under the user type then the user has no password configured, meaning he or she can log in to the account without a password. Obviously, in this case, there’s nothing to change so just let the user know that they don’t need a password and can set one up themselves next time they log in.

Under the Make changes to [username]’s account heading, click the Change the password link. Enter a new password for the user in the first and second text boxes.

Entering the new password twice helps ensure that you’ve typed the password correctly. In the third and final text box, you’re asked to Type a password hint. Since you’re probably changing this user’s password because he or she has forgotten it, you can probably skip the hint. Click the Change password button to confirm the password change.

Close the User Accounts window. Log off or restart the computer and then have the user log in to their account with the password you chose for them in Step 7. Once logged in, have the user create a Windows password reset disk to avoid a problem like this in the future. When you visit this site, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies.

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I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Romel Ram Microsoft Agent. Hi Jim, To properly assist you with changing other user account password using an administrator account, kindly follow the steps адрес 1. Open the Control Paneland click on the User Accounts icon. Click usees the Manage another account link. If prompted by User Account Controlclick on Yes. Click dree a local account that you want to change or remove the password of.

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